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My System Specs


Here's a crap update. :P

So I swapped out the PSU yesterday. Long story short....... I could not get any pins out of the AX750 for the life of me other then molex pins. I took lowfat and another fellow's advice and bought a Silverstone Strider. First pin I tried on the strider came out no problem easy peasy. Like butter. Also this PSU apparently has a straight 1 to 1 cable pinout so there will be no crossed over or double wires like the corsair AX750. My friend's PSU died so the AX750 went to him for 100 bucks. I had no time to take pictures because I wanted to have zero downtime for BOINC and get back to crunching immediately!

It's a shame to look at that :P I can't wait to have everything sleeved up.

So bored while boincing I took a test cut to see how long I will need the 8 pin power to be and cut 8 more cables to length with a few extra inches. That's apporximately how long it will be :D


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