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Originally Posted by MARSTG View Post
No is not. I an also 2k down on the GTS 450 so going back to FAH gpu tracker for GPU folding and keeping the V7 beta for SMP folding.
There is a reason why your production is tanking. By switching to -beta or -advanced, you've downloaded a project that has forced a core update on you. You've gone from FahCore_15.exe v2.22 to v2.25. The updated core, to put it politely, sucks big floppy donkey dick. And now that you have it, you're stuck with it, and it will reduce all of your GPU production by 20-30%. Unless, that is, you want to go through a rather complicated procedure involving hex editors and such in an attempt to roll your FahCore version back to 2.22: Folding Forum • Login.

edit - I forgot, you have to be logged into FF to see the beta forum, so here's the text from the post I attempted to link...

Downgrading fahcore_15.exe from 2.25 to 2.22 [Fermi]

by k1wi Sun Oct 28, 2012 4:27 pm
I have successfully downgraded & applied the core manually.

The .fah core that you need to use to downgrade can be downloaded here: ... re_15_2.22

Once you have access to it, you need to follow the steps outlined here: ... s_manually

The file name on the server is Core_15_2.22, note you will need to rename your final file to Core_15.exe (where in the process you choose to do that is up to you).

I chose to access the files from a linux machine and undertook the tail & bunzip2 method listed on that page.

before I copied it to my cores folder, I appended '2.25' to the 2.25 version that was there.
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