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Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
Insignia is fine. I have a 46" and the only real complaint I have is the backlight bleed on the right side but even then its tolerable.

Game mode is unnecessary as you won't plan to be gaming on this anyways. IPS for general desktop use isn't worth it either.
Originally Posted by SugarJ View Post
Let me put it like this. I sit 2 feet away from my 30" monitor. The last time I hooked a PC up to my 46", I was sitting 8 feet away. My monitor fills way more of my point of view than my TV does, and provides a more immersive experience.

Looking at a 46" TV at 8 feet is like looking at a 22" monitor at 2 feet. I find it easier to read a monitor than a TV, so if your biggest use is web surfing / office use stick to a monitor on your desk. Basically, buy your TV based on TV/movie viewing, not on occasional computer usage.
I should have multi-quoted all of this, sorry. :)

Are you guys saying not to use the TV as monitor then? That way you can just go on budget and pick the size that fits the budget. Or is 32" the threshold to use as TV/monitor? It's a bit large but not too bad for a monitor size, maybe a bit over than one would like? Still, it could work?

The current monitor is 20" so could still be used for computer use. Anyway, perhaps, there will be a changed mind when we see the sets in person. Or the 24" might be sufficient. Not sure if it's desired to have two units sitting there but I wouldn't mind if it was me. I guess an upgrade in size of the monitor is desired and if it's dual-purpose, then it's satisfactory. I think that is the reasoning but it's not for me so I'm just guessing there.
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