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Originally Posted by headsh0t View Post
I kinda skimmed this thread but not sure as to what the big discussion is here. Go to Best Buy, look for a TV $300 or less that is 1080p - which really, 720p would be fine for both TV and web browsing (especially if you're not using an HD cable/satellite receiver, and even then a lot of it is only 720p), buy it and then plug your computer in using HDMI. Done. I would also go with minimum 32" with how far away you're sitting.

You can also easily find a 32" for $300 these days. Go to the FS/BB website and sort TV's by price and check them out. If you want me to actually link something that you can buy, then sure here you go;

Insignia 32" 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV (NS-32E440A13) : 30" - 39" LED TVs - Best Buy Canada

or $20 more for 39"

Insignia 39" 1080p 60Hz LCD HDTV (NS-39L240A13) : 30" - 39" LCD TVs - Best Buy Canada

And I guess if you reaaaaally want to cheap out and go with a 24" then this one:

Insignia 24" 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV (NS-24E340A13) : 21" - 29" LED TVs - Best Buy Canada

Those are all Insignia since they're the cheapest of all brands. I have not personally owned one or viewed one other than at BB/FS so I can't comment on quality but enab says they're alright so they must be half decent. I'd prefer either a Samsung/Sony/LG

You may even want to wait and see if there will be any Black Friday sales on TV's.
Black Friday?

I think the 32" Insignia LED 1080p set looks good. The Insignias with smaller screens seem to have inferior hardware compared to other smaller (e.g. 24") sets, the Toshiba mentioned, for e.g. This is from my research. I think it makes sense. I think I'd have to go with 32" if getting the Insignia brand.

But, my concern and questions regard the part-time use as a PC monitor. I agree, 32" would be way better when using it as a TV compared to the 24". But, when using PC Input, I am not sure how that would work. It seems like a very large screen for web surfing, word processing, photo editing etc. How far away would one have to sit? Would you need a separate desk/stand?

The 32" Insignia LED 1080p set is $300, yes, so that price isn't bad for that size and specs. But, I think the usual distance from a monitor would probably be too close at that size? I think most PC monitors out there seem to go up to 27", right?

Any comments?

I think we're leaning towards the 24" but we're going to visit a FS to just take a look and see if any minds change. Thanks for the reply/replies! :-)
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