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Default Overclock issue, My first Post

Hello, im new to the forum and this is my first post, sorry for my English

Im zion00 and i have a question about my First true overclock.

This is my gaming box.

AsRock p45x3 deluxe
Intel e6300 Wolfdale 45nm
2x4GB 1600 Crucial Ballistix Tactical cl8
Cooler Artic (i dont remember)
Power Corsair Modular 750W

3 years ago i purchased a e6300 wolfdale 45nm and i runned since the first boot from 266fsb to 333fsb, and from 2.8ghz
to 3.3ghz. Stock vcore. Custom cooler.

Now i decide is time to a true overclock. xD

My Linpack 2h stable overclock is:

FSB: 370
Mult: 10x
Clock: 3700mhz
vCore: 1.38
Ram: 7-7-7-24
Temperatures Load: 62/64degree
Temeperature Idle: 36degree

Now the question. Why sometimes the pc doesnt want to boot? He stacks after 3 seconds. No signal into monitor.
If i switch off and on, he boots with no issues. 2h linpack OCCT i read is quite stable.

Any suggestion?

And i have another question.

I start to overclock cause i wanted to do some bench on single thread and compare my CPu with new FX 4300/6300 AMD, for understand
how much in terms of performance i can have doing the upgrade. (is a gaming box, i play League of Legends, is single thread).

And the result is, didnt want to believe, that my CPU need 15.6 seconds for 1M SuperPI 1.8, when fx6300 needs 22,5 seconds.

(AMD Vishera FX-6300 & FX-4300 Review)

I do something wrong or my old 2009 intel Wolfdale pentium e6300 perform better?

Thanks for the reply.
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