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I have practically the same watercooling setup as you and have been running it in the cosmosS for about 5 months now.It is a great case......... The other night i was gaming when all of a sudden there was a huge bang followed by what can only be described as ball bearings being rattled in a tin can coming from the CosmosS....My first reaction was to shut down quickly (holding the power button down for 4 seconds ) which seemed like an eternity at the time!

Opening the case revealed that the 230mm side panel fan had shed two of its blades and decided to throw them around the inside of the case! Well luckily for me (i guess?) there was no damage to other components.
There is absolutely no apparent reason as to why this happened there is no hardware or wiring even close to this fan.. and its been running great for the last few months.

I've emailed Coolermaster to see what they say , so i guess i will foind out how good there support is ?!
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