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My System Specs


Well, we're looking at 24" LED 1080p sets now. Can anyone recommend a good one? So far, I'm looking at the ones at FS and Best Buy. I know they might not be the best but I thought they are as good as any. There probably aren't a lot of great sets at this size and price. They are the Insignia and Toshiba. You know either of those?

Edit: Btw, the Toshiba has 'Game Mode.' I'm not sure about the Insignia.

Any thoughts on those? I guess the idea is that if we decide we need it larger, it will become a bedroom set. But, for now, I think it will be sufficient for dual purpose monitor and TV. I think 8 ft is far enough away as movie watching was done on a 20" monitor before. No one is fussy here. :) I was more worried about whether a larger set was better for gaining more real estate but the budget is sub-$300 for now.

If there's a better set someplace else or it's better to order online from another vendor, that would be considered, too.

What do you guys think? Does it sound acceptable? I guess this means there's no IPS or other technologies or extra features but I think such a set can become a decent bedroom set if it's too small.

But, a 24" should be pretty good for a monitor when using it for that. Yeah, for a TV, maybe a bit small but $200-ish is ok to try it out.

Thanks for all the replies. 'Hopefully, there can be a few more responses on the latest ideas. :)
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