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Originally Posted by trayton View Post
Hey just a few quick questions where is the best place to farm items and gold? How or what is the best way to up your paragon at a fast pace? I find mine goes so slow which makes no sense I play quite a bit and I see people lvl 70+ etc or even 50+ yet I'm only at like 13 and have put tons of hours into it lol...

Thanks in advance for any help :) I still need to get some better items either drops or AH so if you have any ideas what i should look for let me know :)

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BTW for Emerald Gems is it cheaper to buy in AH or to make them? For the Radiant Star ones or whatever (the top ones)...
Alkaizer runs on MP1 would be your best bet for speed levels. I'm actually working on a tempest rush build just for MP1 DPS should be high enough for tempest rush / MoC submission to cause white mobs to just fall over & die, and a bell or two should kill any elites I come across. Just gotta invest in a cheap Inna's helm/belt for the reduced sweeping wind cost.

Oh yeah, in case you're not familiar with the term, Alkaizer was the first guy to level to Paragon 100.
Path is something like: Select the Kill Azmodan quest and start at the entrance of his lair and then work backwards to the portal.

Then do Tower of the Damned Lvl 1 -> Arreat Crater Lvl 2 -> Bastion Keep -> Rakkis Crossing -> Fields of Slaughter -> Bridge Portal -> The Keeps Depths Level 1 Portal -> Level 2.

Regarding gems: You probably don't want to hear it, but you're about a week too late to buy them cheap. I snagged 7-8 emeralds when they were going for 4-5m each, now they're back up to 15m.
Still cheaper than making them though.

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