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My System Specs


Originally Posted by jaredimre View Post
If I use 1920x1080 60Hz display (not 120Hz), can I see the difference between e.g. 90-100 fps and 60 fps when I play video games with Sli enabled? Do they look smoother even with a 60Hz display when reaching 100 fps instead of 60 fps?
Nope, as a matter of fact screen tearing could make it look worse.

Originally Posted by BeaverBender View Post
I guess you didn't see the leaked slides that came out this summer...,16588.html

With AMD's "we don't want to play anymore" attitude on the high-end desktop CPU's, there is no incentive for Intel to rush these out anymore.
According to that chart haswell would come out in Q2 so why would intel even release IB-E Haswell should have better performance than it anyways, the only difference would be the PCI-E lanes which wouldn't make up for the slower CPU performance. I don't think intel's marketing is that dumb, it would be like releasing the 980x after the 2600k why would anyone spend more on a slower processor? For that reason I would call that chart fake but I guess you never know...
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