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Current status of my efforts:

1> removed the WD 750Gb Black and installed the Chronos SSD. Laptop recognizes it fine. This was a test, so the WD was put back in.

2> the WD version of Acronis True Image continues to abort due to a damaged file. chkdsk /f /r does not find any errors on any of the three partitions. Windows 7 does not report any issues of any kind. Nothing in Acronis provides any details as to what file is damaged.

I have done a bit more research on this, and it is an issue others have encountered, including having chkdsk not resolve the issue. One user reported that running spinrite fixed everything - I am considering this, but am hesitant to use a 2004 product that has not been updated on a drive that has been partitioned and formatted with Win7. I need confirmation that spinrite is compatible.

3> latest version of Norton Ghost does not even see the WD 750Gb drive! Then again, I installed it on my main machine, and it does not see the drives on that system either - Intel 330series 240Gb SSD, 150GB Velociraptor, and 300Gb Velociraptor. Ghost used to be one of the nicest utilities I used - what have they done????

4> my preferred route would be to install the new drive and do a restore from the back done by Windows Home Server. However, I have yet to find the correct network drivers that let the restore see the server! I have the correct drivers for XP, Win7 32bit and Win7 64bit, but it does not seem to like any of those. I was able to find the Wifi drivers, but that did not work since it never allowed me to connect to my Wifi network. There are one or two more variations I can try with this approach, so I am going to proceed with this next.

Someone suggested using a real version of Acronis, rather than the WD version. I can give this a try, but I don't see why it would work - a damaged file is a damaged file.

Overall, a rather frustrating weekend.

The laptop runs very well and has been a real workhorse. As a DJ tool running XP it has done many long events without issue. For general use, and video editing using Premiere Pro CS6, it worked as well as a 12" laptop with Intel video can be expeced to work. Battery life is good - even fully loaded with max RAM and a 750Gb drive, I can get up to five hours (much less when heavily used, of course).

Why this current project has encountered so many roadblocks is beyond understanding. My way of working out the frustration was to spend over four hours mulching leaves yesterday!
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