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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
I've got my main rig set to not download any more WCG tasks so that I can uninstall WCG and install the proper boinc client (from which I believe I can choose to run WCG anywise) but holy cwap does WCG ever front load an awful lot of backup work. From the looks of it it might be a few days before it exhausts them all and that's with 12 threads. :)

I also made the mistake of installing the WCG data on my SSD rather than doing a custom install to my hdd. It wants 10G reserved which is quite a bit on a 120G OS drive, and when I limited it to 2G it filled up over 1G fairly quickly with results waiting for validation and I'm concerned that it'll keep filling it up.
You can reduce the number of tasks Boinc front loads by reducing the additional work buffer in your local preferences, this will override any settings from any projects web based preferences.

I usually keep my additional work buffer set between 0.10 and 0.15 on my 12 c/t rigs and around 0.03 to 0.05 on the multi-proc rigs.

AFAIK there is no real difference between the Boinc client you D/L from WCG and the regular version. WCG does test the different version for compatability with its software and stability which is one reason their approved version can be a little outdated ie. they offer 6.10.58 while the newest so called stable version available from the Boinc website is 7.0.28.

WCG uses alot of disk space because they insist on downloading the files for all of their different sub-projects, whether you run them or not...
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