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My System Specs


I use to run a vanilla server but it was just for me and 3 friends. I got bored of the non interaction (we were never online at the same times) So I joined a larger server and have been building and having fun over there.

If you've ever heard or or watched ZDtv/TechTV/G4 while Leo Laporte was on, he's moved on and created his own "virtual" network of podcasts and regular shows. Anyways his "TWIT" network has its own MC server and they just started a MC show called "OMGcraft" hosted by "OMGchad" a young guy who actually is the producer running the switching board for a few of their regular shows.

Anyways I've been playing there, They've got it setup with a Survival map, a creative map and a few others you can portal between. A few larger cities have sprung up but lots of land to develop on the outskirts. I chose to go halfway from spawn to the edge of the map, can always /spawn to get to the action or /home to avoid taking the rail lines or running a couple thousand blocks.

Have an A-1 day!
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