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My System Specs


9 feet away is far too much of a distance to be used with a 24" or 27" monitor, or even a 32" TV acting as a monitor. You'd ideally want 42" or possibly 46/47". You might be able to do 37/39" but if bad eyesight is in play, probably 40"+ is what I would suggest.

1) If you want to watch TV in 1080i/720p you're going to need a digital cable box anyway, whether a TV or monitor is connected to it, so that should not be a concern. With a TV you can watch good old (SD) standard definition cable, but it looks quite poor on larger LCD screens.

2) TVs can sometimes have issues with red or green text on black backgrounds, or black text on a red or green background. This is because they lack 4:4:4 chroma sub-sampling. Most people don't care, but this always bugged me and can possibly bother someone with sensitive eyes if they are viewing red/green text, etc.... There are relevant threads on ********* and AVSforum on that subject, where some good "PC friendly" TVs are suggested

3) If you aren't doing any FPS gaming then this might not matter, but a lot of TVs have a fair bit of input lag. You ideally want a screen with a low lag mode, usually called a "game mode". A lot of TVs will pair this mode with 4:4:4 chroma sub-sampling on an HDMI interface marked as PC or HDMI/DVI. That's a good dual-purpose TV. The low lag mode can also be useful for console gaming.

The Samsung EH5000 models (ie. UNxxEH5000) and LG LS5600 series look to be a good place to start for dual purpose TVs according to [H]ardforum posters.

Here's the [H]ardforum thread that talks about this, along with recommendations and references the AVS Forum thread. Unfortunately the first post is fairly dated now, but later posts in the thread discuss newer models:

You'll have to look for the 4:4:4 sampling thread on [H]ardforum, as the post editor turns the web site name into asterisks.

As for cabling, a video card with HDMI output works best for video and sound, but if you are pumping computer audio into speakers or headphones, a DVI port with DVI to HDMI cable works well too.

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