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Default Is the closed loop LCS market oversaturated?

I've been looking at the new Zalman LCS, and not suprisingly they made zero effort to differentiate themselves from their manufacturer's other clients (Antec Kuhler). With all the cooling companies making closed loop solutions, there are only a couple that actually manufactures and designs them (CoolIT, Asetek, etc)

Not to mention review sites loves to churn out the latest reviews on them, not that I blame them because it's their job, but it's getting extremely repetitive since you can gauge what their performance would be like just by looking at their form factor (ie. pump housing, shape of rad) because 6 months ago another company already released the same damn thing.

What's up with all these re branded identical units, they don't differentiate themselves from others. Other than price, why should I choose on brand over the other?

What do you guys think about this?
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