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Default Project 12 (Phantom 820)

Case: NZXT Phantom 820 (modified)
Motherboard: Asrock Extreme 6/GB 2011
CPU: Intel 3820
Ram: Samsung Green low-profile
GPU: Sapphire 7870
Fans: NZXT 200mm, Gelid 120mm Fans for radiators.
Sleeve: MDPCX Black and Vanilla Sands
PSU: NZXT 850watt

Reservoir: EK Multioption 250
CPU: EK Supremacy Nickel/Acetal
GPU: EK 7870 Waterblock
Controller: Aquaero 5 Pro controller w/ Waterblock and custom face plate
Radiators: EK XTX240mm and XT360mm
Tubing: Tygon R3400 1/2" 3/4"
Fittings: Monsoon Cooling
Pump: EK 4.0

Unboxing late at night:

Removing Fan hub for sleeving

Now, it's time to remove the mesh and prepare for plexi windows. I need to remove the 200mm fan mount as well... so...

And it's time to start sleeving and cable management. I find it much easier to Cable manage from the beginning to avoid headaches down the road.

Some really cool gear came in. EK gives you a lot of nice stuff, like nice stop fittings for reservoirs and radiators, cable adapters for their pumps, different sized screws for radiators. The 7870 block also came with an adapter to mount fittings horizontally instead of vertically.... REALLY awesome that they include all that kind of stuff in their products.

Monsoon Rotary fittings. These things are awesome. Very well built and you can customize their look with colored "accent disks." As well, light port rotarty fittings are available if you want LEDs to color your clear tubing instead of using dyes.

The LED fittings come with a couple of different sleeved cables. I already have some though, as I'll be using amber/yellow LEDs in this build.

Now it's time to mount the radiators. 360mm up top


For tiny items... Greenpeace would be really annoyed!

Cutting down the rods...

Mounting the Pump and reservoir:

More to follow soon!
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