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My System Specs


Thanks Stoanee. I installed a good 600w
Sea sonic psu for testing. The circuit the computer was on is fine. I have scrapped the psu. Yes the computer (and total load on the circuit) were much smaller than the breaker, hense my instant concern.

I forgot to mention I swapped in the 600w psu from the work computer. The mobo lights up for half a second or so (power indicating LEDs on my mobo) the fans start to spin for the same time frame but the pc Immediately shuts down.

Best believe I will be only buying brand name PSU's from now on. PSU's that I research VERY WELL before buying

I have already ordered a new high power psu as it was on sale (clearance?) as I need a new one. I may have to bring some parts in to be tested but I would like to do what I can beforehand.

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