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My System Specs

Thumbs up Second HD6670 Ordered

After considering my options and given that I already bought a ASUS HD6670 without a display port and having kept it more than the seven days Memory Express allows for unquestioned returns; I decided my best recourse is to crossfire that HD6670 with another HD6670 which does have a display port.

Here`s what I ordered:

With Memory Express price match I'm getting it for $87.49. ( had it on for $89.99)

I could have retired my two week old HD6670 and tried a 7770 for about $60+ more but from what I can see the 6670`s crossfired should come close to a 7770 (I'll have to see if that turns out to be true). I did toy with this `opportunity` to upgrade to an even more expensive card ($200+++) and try to sell the HD6670 but my frugle Scottish heritage prevailed and I went with the least expensive option that still would give me the three screen array I want. I did consider returning the third screen and `living with`two screens but I`m not that self disciplined and spoil myself too easily these days.

This DIY computer hobby is getting costly. I have to remember that this whole exercise started because my old rig was DDR2 with only two memory slots on the motherboard. Initially I just wanted more RAM and bauked at the prices being charged for two 8 GB sticks of DDR2. But I got hooked and the total cost of this new rig just keeps on going up and up. I`m afraid to total all these receipts I have collected in my mboard box.

Had I known about the need for a displayport I probably could have saved the $83 I paid for the first 6670, but on the upside I'll have 3 GB of VRAM and two cards delivering video in tandem. I've read that mixing the memory on these crossfired cards should not present any compatibility issues (2 GB DDR3 + 1 GB DDR5).

We will see.

I`m downloading some benchmarking freeware tonight and will post the results for the A10 + HD6670 in dual graphic mode. IF I get inspired might try the HD6670 with the Dual-Graphic's disabled to see how much extra umph I get with this dual-graphic feature while I'm still using it. Once the second card is installed good bye dual-graphics. I am interested in how well the two cards will crossfire through the PCIe 2.0.

I did look into the possibility of trying a three way crossfire with the two HD6670 and the integrated GPU on the APU. After some searching I learned this is not possible. It kinda says so on the AMD website where I read: `Note that AMD CrossFireX technology in greater than dual mode is not supported with AMD Radeon™ HD 6670 graphics products.` AMD Radeon

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