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the setup should be something like this

PC with a low end GPU that has HDMI port
Digital Cable Box w/ HDMI
LED TV[Full HD] with 2 or more HDMI Ports
2 HDMI Cables

take one HDMi cable and connect the pc and the tv, and take the other cable and do the same with the digital cable box and the TV.

Since its for you friend, take him to a local store, and ask him to stand 9 feet away from the whole range of LED tvs and then see which one would suite his vision.
Reading text will be kinda hard but tweeking the dpi settings in windows will do the trick.

TV tuners will come in handy if you plan to watch tv after booting up the computer and then starting the software to run the TV.

If you want, connect a PS3/Xbox if more ports are available, or wait for Wii U xD

Even I have weak eyesight, I use my glasses if I am sitting far away to read small texts. I just tested on my 21in monitor without using the glasses and damn I had to fully zoom in to be able to read properly. And I am like 6 feet away.

There is also magnifier in windows that people use to watch, so not a really big issue.

In a nutshell, LED TV are good. its just a display monitor but enlarged and with more connectivity features.
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