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Originally Posted by phoenixrage View Post
yup, life steal on both weapons if your DPS is high enough, with some LOH, and some jewelery with LOH, its not too bad. Its tough when you are not geared for it, but you could time it so you do overawe and serenity at the same time for some burst damage, so at least you are maximizing the serenity time.
That's what I do, but if you don't manage to drop them in that first 4 seconds of serenity you have no option but to kite until serenity is off cooldown.

LS Skorns seem to be dropping in price now though (down to around 50m...why couldn't they be that when I actually had 50m?!) so I should be able to grab one pretty quick.
That should make a huge difference: 400k hit x 5% x 0.2 (inferno penalty) = 4,000 LS per hit which should heal most of the reflect damage.
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