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Default Drobo Mini...

I'm not sure what people here at HWC think of Drobo products but this one has been intriguing me ever since it's announcement a few months back. A small unit that fits FOUR 2.5" drives PLUS an mSATA drive connected via Thunderbolt/USB! Now, obviously this would only be appealing to people with Thunderbolt connectivity, especially considering the price (~$600) The price for me isn't a major concern, particularly when one looks around and realizes that other Thunderbolt devices cost even more. I don't think I would recommend Drobo products for an Enterprise solution but for someone who needs very fast connectivity in a small package, this looks intriguing. I just got a notice today from them saying they are starting to ship now so I might just pick one up, although I'll probably wait to see a few more reviews. I'm thinking of sticking four 256GB SSD's and one mSATA inside... most likely I'm going to go with Crucial for all but I haven't completely made up my mind yet. Any other suggestions/thoughts?

Drobo Mini
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