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whichever tv you go for, first look if it is Full HD or HD Ready. You should go for Full HD as it will properly display 1080p content.

Next thing, tv tuner will only be used if you are just using a computer with monitor who doesnt have a HDMI or something similar kinda input built in them.

But in your case you are using a LED Tv as a monitor, and a 32in or higher has more than enough ports to do multi use[pc/tv] so dont need to buy a tv tuner.

As you said that you are going to be around 10 to 15 feet away, its better to go around 40in to 46in. Try standing that far away in a TV showroom and see how big it looks. If you are comfortable with it, then go for it. Similarly try for the 32in you were talking abt.

Finally, 120hz and 240hz, 800hz!!! is just not really what it seems to be. I watched a samsung 6 series led which had a high refresh rate, after 15mins i realized it looked so unreal and fake. Just a tip.

Hence, led tv are not that bad, except for the text size thingy, once that is resolved, its gonna work wonderful.

PS: use to text to speech if you want to :P
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