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I'm having issues with mine now too. I started running the beta work units and I landed this 8018 WU which runs 5 degrees hotter and 2000 PPD less per card. I'm not impressed. I kept my core clock alone and decreased my memory clock to a lowly 1575, then I dropped the core voltage to .900 and it seems I've gained stability and got back down to 72 degrees while only running 70% fan speed. Pretty much back to where I was before. The memory clock drop has 0 effect on folding ppd, or so it seems so I'm going to leave it there. I should be able to run non beta WUs at 60% fan speed and maintain less than 70 degrees with this setup and still fold at 100% power that I had before. Who says 480s run hot?

It's too bad that I can't seperately undervolt my 480s because one of them is much better on low voltage than the other :(

Edit: Just as I clicked send the worst of the 2 cards dumped the WU. I'm going to run the beta on the better performing of the cards.
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