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My System Specs


It's for an apartment. Does 10-15 feet away sound right?

I'm a bit confused, though. I read that the TVs were not good (once upon a time) because of resolution but so many are 1080p now. So, does that mean it can function as well as a monitor or not?

True LED monitors don't have a TV Tuner so you need a cable box or a TV Tuner pci/pci-e card or something like that? I'm not sure but they used to be mostly analog but maybe some are digital nowadays?

What does the hdmi port for modern video cards offer? Just HD audio/video?

Maybe someone can explain the pros and cons of either method?

I suppose price would be $100 to $300....not sure yet.

Someone in a computer store said it's best to get the LED monitor if it's to be dual function, using as a TV or switching to monitor. But, a TV probably allows a more convenient switch to cable TV use? Either would be good for videos (movies, etc. from DVD/.avi/HD/h264 etc.) but for cable TV feeds and doubling as a monitor???? I guess the comparison is between 1080p TV sets and PC monitors, regardless.

Both have HDMI ports so I am unsure of which is the better choice for versatility and providing a good picture whether it's for TV or PC monitor. I am also guessing that it should be between '23 and 27' with 24" probably being a good bet for offering the most choices?
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