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Originally Posted by Pabz0r545 View Post
Hey guys. I recently got into boincing a couple months ago. It got me to thinking why no BOINC activity here at HWC?
I am particularly fond of Milkyway@home and seti@home. I'm thinking of getting some AMD cards just to run those projects.
I gotten a little obsessed with Boincing myself and am currently crunching ~39 different projects (Project List) for Hardware Canucks.

Some of them don't have a constant supply of work and I'm looking for new ones all the time.

We have a team for both Milkyway and Seti under Hardware Canucks and could use the help.

If you like the space exploration/ star mapping type projects you might also like Constellation@Home and theSkyNet Pogs both of which we have Teams for.

Those experiencing lag while crunching on their Nvidia Gpu might want to try Poem@Home. It only puts a ~40% load on my 660Ti and creates no lag, even running two WU's at a time only loads it~70% which is good for over 425k ppd.

It can also be run on older hardware quite easily, prior to the 660Ti it was running on my GTS250 to the tune of 175k PPD.
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