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Default Cleaning 'Stain' on H80 Base

So I just recently received a H80 and I tried to unsuccessfully clean the base with some alcohol wipes.

My friend who gave this to me said that it was only used once with the stock thermal paste during the initial overclocking phase on a new build. After that, he put it back in the box, but didn't wipe off the thermal paste. That was about 5 months ago.

After wiping, no matter no how hard I tried, there is still a thermal-paste colored 'stain'. Is this normal? I've always been able to wipe other heatsinks almost completely clean.

Is this a problem that affects the usability of the heatsink or is it simply an 'aesthetic' issue?

I suspect it's just paste stuck in 'pores' in the heatsink base and should not be an issue. However, I'm not sure what happens to semi-used paste after 5 months and I thought I should check with you guys. In the end, this is a 'free upgrade' for my little brother's build and losing 3-5 degrees is not a big deal.
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