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Originally Posted by dma0991 View Post
Most standard 500W PSUs are not longer than it needs to be so it won't be an issue. The issue is that the length of the GPU is blocking some of the modular PSU connectors. This could be mitigated by using a non modular PSU but creates another problem, cable mess in a cramped case. The best solution would be to get a shorter GPU which should solve the problem. A standard mITX motherboard is 17cm2 and the Gainward GPU is 180mm. This means that it will only protrude 10mm from the motherboard and most of the modular PSU connectors are not blocked.

There is no straightforward way to modify the voltage manually with this particular board but shouldn't be a problem since most Core i5 3570Ks will do 4.0-4.2GHz at stock voltage settings. You'll probably run into cooling issues before you're limited by its clockspeed and voltage.
Lol, yea obviously. I should've just done the math myself. Anyway, I'll look into this and see where it leads me.

Putting this build aside, I am currently sitting on a desktop with a Gigabyte 790XTA-UD4 housing a Phenom II x4 965 BE. Some time ago I upgraded from GTS 250 to Crossfire XFX 7870's. The only problem is in Borderlands 2 where I cannot have physX enabled. The way it works with AMD is that physX gets transferred to the CPU to handle instead. This is where I think my CPU is falling behind. This in turn leads me to think that other CPU dependent games, both today and in the future, will not hold up. Anyway, long story short: Will upgrading to a MB with dual x16 lanes and Z77 (i7 3770K) make a huge difference in performance, both in and out of games? Of course I am also using an SSD so there's no HDD issue.
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