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My System Specs

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I've been looking into my options

Option A is to simply return the new 20" LED Monitor I just bought yesterday and pocket the $98.00.

Option B is dependent on getting Memory Express to exchange the HD 6670 for a EAH6670 which does have a displayport, but I am over their seven day return window so it will depend on MemExpress to authorize a late return for exchange to the other 6670 with displayport. This video card is the DDR5 version - which will run as a DDR3 due to my dual-graphics with an APU using DDR3 RAM. It also means my VRAM drops from 2GB to 1GB.

Option C is to buy the EAH6670 and crossfire it with the existing HD 6670 - IF that is possible??? . Downside of that is that it defeats the benefit of buying an APU and I'm not sure if two HD6670's crossfired will deliver any more graphic power than the HD6670 linked via dual graphics to my APU. How does that work when one of the crossfired cards has 2GB of DDR3 and the other 1 GB of DDR5?

IF I go with Option A I could look at getting a 24" monitor at some point that would match my main 24" monitor I have now instead of two smaller ones on each side of the main 24". That would deliver a little more video real estate than my current 24" + 18" but not that much more.

I'm hoping Memory Express will agree to a late exchange - we'll see what they say. I was so looking forward to a three way display on my new system.

IF I knew then what I know now.....

AM I missing something here or is that the only options I have?
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