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My System Specs


The Corsair H100 has normal FPI count, any fan will do as it is not dense enough. I personally favor higher static pressure fans over CFM for radiators, some good ones are Scythe GT. You could go from 2-4 fans on the radiator but space is an issue with the Prodigy. Just do a simple intake from the top, this will draw cold air through the radiator instead.

I don't know many 200mm fans but I'd rather leave the original intact. The rarity of 200mm fans and ones with lights tend to focus more on the bling factor instead of actual silence.

There is no real guide as to what RAM you need. Most get the best RAM they could buy as they have specific reasons to get them to satisfy their hobby. If in doubt, stick to what the manufacturer limits you to, in this case, DDR3-1600 sticks like this or this. Before raising any eyebrows to the first option, do some research about it, you'll be surprised. The only speed that Intel specifies for SB/IB is DDR3-1600, anything extra is factory overclocked.

You'll have to decide on yourself which GPU is superior based on games you're playing. Read on reviews about them and it'll be more apparent which is the better choice for you. Do check reviews that are based on AMD's Never Settle drivers.

There is no way a sound card could be placed, the motherboard simply does not support any cards other than a GPU. The workaround is to get USB based sound card or DACs which the latter option can be quite pricey. Try the onboard sound first, if it isn't satisfactory then change it.
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