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Default SSDs and SATA1

I am considering a hard drive upgrade to my laptop (Fujitsu P770). Currently there is a WD Black 750Gb drive installed.

Swapping in an SSD should give better performance as well as better battery life and far more shock resistance.

The laptop is used for DJing and video and photo editing. Therefore, space is needed - the smallest I can get away with is 480Gb, with 512Gb being preferred. I may need to install a second SSD in the future as well - which is possible, since the optical drive has been swapped for a second hard drive by (el cheapo from the far east). This works with the P770 - I had two 750Gb drives installed and running at one point, and it worked very well.

The laptop boots both XP and Win7 Ultimate 64bit. I need to keep XP because my DJ software does not run under Vista or Win7.

I am looking at the following:
Intel 520 series 480Gb
Samsung 830 series 512Gb
Samsung 840 series 500Gb
Crucial M4 512Gb

However, the laptop has SATAI (SATA 1). All current SSDs are SATAIII.

Will there be issues with attaching an SATAIII SSD to a SATA1 port (beyond the lack of full performanced, of course!)?

Will XP be able to use the SSD without issue?

Thanks in advance!
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