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Originally Posted by muse108dc View Post
(and I have to say main widescreen backed up with 2, admittedly oddly sized, 4x3 is quite nice.
I recently upgrade from an XFX HD5770 to a Twin Frozer 660, and am very happy. However, I don't game enough to matter. The reason for upgrade was to run three monitors, and to get CUDA for Premiere Pro CS6.

Choices include 650, 650Ti, 660Ti, and 670. However, the 650/650Ti seems to be bottlenecked, and the jump to 660Ti and 670 cost a lot more then the performance delta. Since I got a good price on the Twin Frozer from CC, it seemed like be best bang for the money.

My motherboard (ASUS) has two X16 slots, but drops to X8 on both when running multiple video cards, so just getting a cheap second video card to match the original HD5770 did not seem like a good idea.

Three monitor setup - Acer 24" @ 1920x1200 (I really dislike 1920x1080!), 19" 1280x1024, 17" 1024x1280.

The third monitor is rotated 90 degrees, and is very useful for some stuff in this orientation.

The third monitor is run from an HDMI port, using an HDMI to DVI cable. For the OP, he could use a DVI to VGA adapter for his third monitor, and HDMI or Displayport plus DVI for the other two monitors.
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