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DANG - My new ASUS HD 6670 does not have a display port, and now that I have three monitors I wanted to set up the three way video display through eyefinity - BUT without a displayport on my video card this cannot be done. I'm a week over the limit for a return to Memory Express - I'm going to email them to see how rigid they are on this return policy but it looks like I'm hooped. I don't even think I can crossfire my ASUS HD 6670 with another HD 6670 which does have a display port. BUT that kinda defeats the savings of dual graphics in the first place. My APU does have a display port but that won't work if I've installed a DGC. I could return my new third monitor - or retire my smaller 18" monitor. Spent last night to 1:00 am setting up my three way display and trying to get it to work.

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