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Default LED TV as monitor?

I was just wondering about TVs and monitors. I had the impression that older TVs and monitors were not good candidates to do both. But, what about now?

Which is better to do both? I thought, probably TVs. A LED TV is probably better suited for both?

If you were buying a display for watching TV but ideally, it could double as a monitor (a way of having a larger monitor screen), is there any options? Also, what is the ideal size? I think some people even say a monitor any larger than 42" is actually a drawback. You need it further away from the computer etc.

Maybe a 32" LED would be good? Or is a TV/monitor mostly purchased for gaming? This TV would be used for watching TV. No gaming. In that case, is it better to buy the TV for TV viewing and the (LED) monitor for the computer?

Any advice?

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