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Originally Posted by tethlah View Post
Well, for my headphones I only have a Logitech H150 (mainly because speakers feedback into the mic, so I have to have headphones for games where I'm using voice with other people). Otherwise I use Insignia NS-PCS21 speakers for now. Maybe in the future I'll get something better, but for now that's really about it. How much difference does having an amp for the headphones make vs not having an amp for the headphones?
Well again output thru your headphones .... like i notice now with the onboard if I crank it to 50% its barely ledgable any audio being played thru it ... vs with my x-fi if i did so I could go to my bathroom almost 12' away & hear it clearly. Beyond that ... if you value being able to lisen to bass ... this also will benefit from the higher output amp on a soundcard.

IF your not concerned about 7.1 or the latest surround sound ... ncix's sale has the GX which is the predecessor to the DX line of cards that have at least 5.1 surround on them. That is IF your in canada .. :)
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