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My System Specs


Originally Posted by terrybear View Post
Yeah IF ya can find a 8350 or even 8320(thought i think i seen newegg has them) .... just from my looking around all i see is "pre-order" .. this doesnt give me hope of ordering one & getting it anytime soon ...

Then this also goes 1 more further .... what then do you value a 1090T/1100T for resell then if one wants to move to a FX chip ...
Honestly I don't see it as a worthy upgrade over the 1090t anyways for the price. If a 965 BE goes for $80 brand new you can't really ask for much more than that for a used 1090t. So you spend $100+ for a small increase over your old processor. If you have the cash go for it but I really don't see the point in saving up for it (pretty sure someone else said this earlier in the thread).
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