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Originally Posted by dma0991 View Post
I'm not a firm believer in future proofing since new CPUs with new architecture come out in a 2 year cadence according to Intel's Tick Tock strategy. Getting a Core i7 3770K won't necessarily give you a better chance at future proofing the system since the CPU performance is guaranteed to last you for the lifetime of the PC, 5 years or so. Since it is a LAN party rig where its usage might only be limited to games, the Core i5 3570K is up to the task for many years to come.

You're constrained by the form factor which takes away unnecessary space in the casing. Therefore, you're also limited to what cooling solutions you could implement. An AIO unit that I've mentioned is as good as it gets since large air coolers will have a hard time fitting in the cramped space. Airflow in a small case can be quite bad, you will need to use the radiator fan as an intake as exhausting hot case air is not ideal.

The Asus board has a daughterboard with VRM components that allows it to have nearly the same power delivery potential as larger mATX/ATX sized boards. Since you're not aiming for the skies overclocks with this rig, the Gigabyte has enough brunt for a mild OC.

That PSU does look to be a better choice, if it is cheaper than the first. You are unlikely to get an estimation of power consumption by adding up their TDPs as it assumes the worst case scenario. With how power efficient this current generation of GPUs are, you could go up to a single HD7950/GTX660 Ti without hiccups. 8GB of RAM is plenty, 16GB(8GBx2) if you're generous and want some future proofing but I doubt you'll ever need that much.
Great, thanks for that info. One thing I noticed when someone on a different forum built a rig like this and posted pics is that the PSU nearly touches the GPU. Does anyone have the measurements for the inside of the case or a general idea of how much space each part "should" take? Couldn't find them on the website eaither. I think a mITX case should have inside measurements aswell seen has how that's the important part. I was thinking of swapping the MSI GPU for Gainwards GTX 660 if the measurements are gonna be a problem. The MSI one is 235mm while the Gainward is 180mm. Of course a shorter PSU would be more preferable.

[EDIT] Also, I've seen someone post a review on a urchase of Gigabyte's Z77N saying there's no vCore. Is this the case?
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