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My System Specs

Red face

The reasons are that my computer almost freeze when there is small video on www, that play music as well as load NIC card and copy on USB drive:

After lowering the NIC massive latency the system seems okay when come to latency stuff, sadly only on iddle:

DPC Latency Checker

When I just play a small video on www, then things go way, way wrong:

...and if you set to delete (just deleting only causes THAT! No actuall file transfer!) files on USB drive, then here you go:

Obviously I just blame these IRQ settings that all fire up on IRQ 7... when these devices are used, things get obviously wrong. When copying files to USB drive, I could wait sometimes like a half second to something happen when I click on icon... When the app start up, then all is relatively good, but the USB (1) copy speed are very small also (sometimes under 300k, when at iddle machine (no music, no web, no nothing) get at 1, 121MB/sec...)

Obviously a change is need. AXP is slow, but NOT THAT slow. Current HW: Jetway V266B (VIA KT266A), Barton 2800+ @ 2200+ (150x12.5) 1.625Vcore, 1024MB DDRAM 2-2-2-5, 200G Seagate 8MB cache (ST3200822A), GF2 MX400 32MB 175/265, 17" BenQ FP75G 1280x1024 75Hz, DVDRW NEC DV-4551A, ATA133 IDE drawer, floppy with 7+1 USB2 reader Mitsumi FA404, OkiPage 14ex laser printer, NetGear fireWall/WiFi 54MBi WGR614
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