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My System Specs


There is no comparison, the Asus board is miles ahead better than the Gigabyte but it is an unfair comparison since the price difference between them is huge. Since you're only going for a mild overclock, the Gigabyte Z77N-WIFI is sufficient and gives you savings which could go to a GTX660 Ti or HD7870.

The amount of electricity saved from a more efficient PSU must be justified for its extra cost. For most servers where they are turned on 24/7, the savings is apparent but not for the normal home PC. You could get it if you want to but I would suggest something cheaper, like an 80+ Silver/Gold from Silverstone or Seasonic.

I think you heard Linus incorrectly. He probably meant LGA1155 in relation to LGA1156, not LGA1155 in relation to upcoming Intel processors. The upcoming Haswell/Broadwell will only work on LGA1150, thus making LGA1155 an impractical choice if there is a necessity to upgrade. I doubt that you will need an upgrade that soon in a span of 2-4 years because the Core i5 3570K is beastly for a mITX form factor. Should you find performance underwhelming, bump up the clocks.

The only suitable AIO watercooling unit is ones that are single 120mm and thin. You're restricted to a H55/H60. The H80 and H100 is impossible to fit in that case without modding.
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