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My System Specs


Originally Posted by gilberto View Post
Thanks for the replies from both you and @Bond

@JJ - I'm in Australia so we get rolled on pricing on just about everything :(. Shipping costs mean even IF I can get from an Overseas supplier, the end cost is higher too

Yeah, with the latest drivers, I've even noticed my current 5770 has perked up a little bit.

My only issues with the 7950 Boost are the noise/power usage hikes over any of the 660 Ti's. Hoping to see another review with some other manufacturers for a better rounded comparison.
To be honest if noise and power consumption are a major factors for you (noise doesn't bother me because I always have headphones on or the speakers up loud and the Hydro will only make a huge difference if you are folding and or gaming constantly). Either card will serve you well, the difference at 2560x1440 is still only 10% max which doesn't equate to many frames.
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