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Originally Posted by Generic User #2 View Post
you wouldn't happen to use visual studio would you? I do .NET web dev for work, but I do alot of desktop stuff in my spare time as well.

were you using an SSD before?

I'm thinking that since I rarely turn off my system anyways, a RAM drive would be nice, since VS, Office, and browsers are the only things that aren't instant on my M4. Did you ever have any data corruption/crashes related to your RAM drive?
I don't use VS, primarily PHP/MySQL/Javascript. Front end development is really nice with my livereload setup as it takes but a half second after every save to see the refreshed page, even with Compass pre-processing SASS and multiple windows refreshing, but the real time savings come when working with heavy databases.

I stated in my original post, no, I wasn't running SSD's before so I couldn't comment on the difference. All I know is my setup is lightning quick with the whole Apache/MySQL/Compass stack on the RAM drive.

If the power goes out between saves of the RAM drive image...yes you will have issues. A battery backup solves that problem though and I have never lost data or had corruption. I also work inside a dropbox folder so everything syncs externally as I work...just in case everything else fails. Hasn't been needed in the couple years I've been running the setup though.
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