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My System Specs


Originally Posted by gilberto View Post
Got a question for everyone on this...

I've been reading the GTX 660 Ti, 7950 Boost & GTX 670 reviews and am a little torn as to what card to go with.

I have a Dell U2711 monitor running at 2560x1440 and looking at spending around the $350 mark (I'm in Australia, so paying a bit more that you guys in Canada ). It look as though the 7950 Boost is the way to go at the higher resolution I'll be playing at, but would like others opinions.

Games that I play include Batman: Arkham (Asylum & City), Mass Effect 3, Skyrim, The Witcher (1 & 2), Dragon Age II (and III next year), Crysis (all of them), Borderlands 2 and many more.

From local suppliers I can get the Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 Boost 3GB - $339, Gigabyte GTX 660 Ti 2GB OC - $339, ASUS GTX 660 Ti DirectCu II 2GB - $359 & Gigabyte GTX 670 2GB OC - $419.

With those prices and your resolution I would go for the 7950 boost. Also remember than AMD cards have just got a driver update that had a fairly substantial improvement on performance. HWC did a review of the new driver on a 7970, and found it to be a 7% increase in FPS (if I recall correctly). So that improved performance will not be in older reviews. Just found a techpowerup review that did most AMD cards and it found 7% on 7950...quote to follow.

"Improvements start with 4% for the HD 7750 and reach an amazing 10% for the HD 7870. The HD 7950, HD 7970 and HD 7970 GHz Edition settle in at 7%."

In Canada a 660Ti can currently be had for a few $ less than a 7950, so if you can get a boost version for the same price as a 660Ti I would go for it.
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