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Originally Posted by 3oh6 View Post
@OP I run a RAMDisk for my entire development environment. I'm a web developer and it makes my dev setup almost instantaneous. It really was a night and day difference once I made the switch. Obviously this is pretty specific, but RAMDisks definitely have uses. Often you just have to figure them out for yourself. Other devs that have used my box lose their mind at how responsive it is.
you wouldn't happen to use visual studio would you? I do .NET web dev for work, but I do alot of desktop stuff in my spare time as well.

were you using an SSD before?

I'm thinking that since I rarely turn off my system anyways, a RAM drive would be nice, since VS, Office, and browsers are the only things that aren't instant on my M4. Did you ever have any data corruption/crashes related to your RAM drive?
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