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Perhaps there should be a dedicated thread for the Nexus 4?

OT: Here is a hands-on review of the Nexus 4, Hands-On With LG And Google’s First Smartphone Collaboration, The Nexus 4 | TechCrunch

The first thing I noticed when I picked up the Nexus 4 is how remarkably sturdy it feels. Despite being an LG device, the Nexus 4 doesn’t really feel like one — it’s far more solid and slab-like than the plasticky handsets that the company has churned out in the past. This may sound weird, but I once I picked it up and got a feeling for its heft, I couldn’t resist the urge to tap the thing on the table a few times just to see how it held up (the answer: quite nicely).
To me, the 16gb phone is good enough. I practically use the phone as a phone. All I need is the calendar, email apps, some music, some games and Kobo. When we went on a trip I loaded the Playbook with movies for my kids. Movies are also in the flash drive which we watched in the hotel, most hotels have LCD TVs now. The iPad for games. I could really care less with how plasticky it feels I just want gorilla glass.

I was in Staples the other day and checked out the tablets and there is no comparison between the others and the Nexus 7, it is so snappy and the screen is nice. If I want to watch a hi-def movie I use my Bluray player. And for a 7 inch slate, MP4 format is good enough.

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