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Originally Posted by Chasingu View Post
I use RamDisks for games, and besides the annoyance factor of having to move the game over to the ram disk, then move it back when your done, there is noticeable performance boost, in some games. There are some games I can think of that it really doesn't do much. Remember, a RAMDisk is "an SSD with no Wearing Out and around 100x faster" however it is more volatile.
Save yourself the hassle and get something like this: RAMDisk - Software - Server Memory Products & Services - Dataram

It saves an image of your RAMDisk at intervals and shutdown. It then restores the image at startup. Takes a few minutes to boot, but saves the hassle.

@OP I run a RAMDisk for my entire development environment. I'm a web developer and it makes my dev setup almost instantaneous. It really was a night and day difference once I made the switch. Obviously this is pretty specific, but RAMDisks definitely have uses. Often you just have to figure them out for yourself. Other devs that have used my box lose their mind at how responsive it is.

I haven't ever had a RAID 0 with a pair of fast SSD's, so I can't comment on the RAMDisk VS them, but I previously had a 4 drive RAID 0 of 7200's (obviously not SSD's) but it was painfully slow compared to my setup now.
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