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Originally Posted by Cheakamus View Post
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This is my main. I can farm Act3 easily but the damage is only 44k which seems low. What do you guys think, any suggestion? many TIA.
you need similar weapons (stats wise), but with sockets, so you can put emeralds in for added crit damage. That'll bump your DPS up a bit.

your crit chance is decent, and your resists are good, but your armor rating is a bit on the low side. After you get those stats back up, you can upgrade your rings to ones with more crit chance and crit damage and some desired stats (i.e. physical resists, dex etc).

I'd swap the emerald in the helm and put in a ruby for XP bonus, so you can level up faster and just get the gold find naturally through paragon levels. I'd swap the cindercoat out for something with higher armor, and similar stats, maybe w/ sockets depending on the stats.

Have you tried the sweeping wind build? I'd also suggest swapping the mantra over to either Mantra of Healing w/ the rune that boosts resists, or do Mantra of Conviction/Overawe to boost DPS since that debuffs nearby enemies.

A good offhand weapon is a Won Kim Lau if you go with a sweeping wind build for the % damage bonus to skills that deal lightning damage.
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