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Originally Posted by Arinoth View Post
Neither statements are true, if you root an android tablet you have practical useful USB such as I do with my Nexus 7, same goes with an equivalent to Word/Excel. Sure there may be slight formatting concerns if you import it to the read Word/Excel but that's typical minor (at least what I've found)
Yeah, rooting a tablet for the USB to work isn't "practically useful" for me, and alternatives to Office range from kludgy if you're doing basic text editing to totally unworkable if you're doing advanced Excel work.

I guess OP can decide if these are priorities for him or not.

Originally Posted by botat29 View Post
Mars I see no Windows 7 laptop ? I check on Dell website, they still have few with 7 including the XPS 13.
Oh yeah, I don't really see any reason to recommend old versions of Windows at this point - if OP wants one for some reason, any of the non-touchscreen Win8 machines will be fine with Win7.
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