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I have a tf101 16gb thats probably a 6/10 condition wise.
Screen has up to a dozen dead pixels all over the place, not grouped together, unnoticeable for the most part.

Bezel was loose when it arrived from NCIX and still remains slightly so, secured it a bit better with some krazy glue.

Power button fell off ages ago and needs to be replaced, $20 from a parts supplier for the power and volume button board. Not sure if it needs to be soldered on or if its just a connector. Can be turned on with a paper clip, magnet on the lower right screen area, by plugging it in or using ADB commands.

There is also something loose inside that causes the screen to turn off when it gets a shake or slight bump. It will turn on again with the paper clip so it may be an issue with the switch or just a loose display cable internally.
There is also a bit of weird splochiness under the display that looks like a bit of humidity damage. Only noticeable with dark colors being displayed.

Alot of the issues with my tf101 could of been resolved with an RMA but I love the thing too much to part with it.

I understand this is not in ideal condition but it is functional. I'd only be interested in a trade for an Android phone of similar condition, value and quality. Not too fussy on any particular models and will consider all offers.
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