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You're really unlikely to be able to tell the difference between 720p and 1080p video on a 10" screen unless you're holding it 5 inches from your face.

If you need Word or Excel and practically useful USB, you're limited to Windows RT, Windows 8 or Mac OS.

So basically options meeting your criteria are, in no particular order:

1. Macbook Air
2. Ultrabook (Asus Zenbook Prime is my preference, only Ultrabook with 1080p screen)
3. Windows RT tablet (MS Surface, Asus Vivo Tab RT are the released options so far, handful of others announced)
4. Atom Windows 8 tablet (Asus Vivo Tab, handful of others announced)
5. Non-Atom Windows 8 tablet (Surface Pro and a handful of others announced, will give better performance than #3 or #4, but won't be as good for fan-free thinness and battery life.)
6. Convertible thinger (XPS 12, Ideapad Yoga, Asus Taichi - I'm not really a big fan of any of these, I don't have any hands-on experience, but they all seem pretty gimmicky to me.)
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