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Any yet 80% of the people buying these things are using them for Angry Birds and Facebook updates.

I like the fact they drove down prices, but there have been some sacrifices. THe Nexus 7 was an introductory device, so I understand all the quirks and inflexibility. What I don't like to see is that newer releases are still locked down and forcing us to use a cloud. A handful of hardware enthusiasts here are loving a stupidly high resolution screen to watch movies on their tablets, but most of the world would rather have HDMI to watch on a TV. Most people would rather buy a SD card than wish they had more storage.

What exactly do any of these crazy fast quad cores run that my dual core cannot? I have yet to see any games/software of any kind on an Android device other than a benchmark that sees enough improvement over the dual cores to justify moving up. Everything on the market will run on my Tegra 2 fluidly. We're seeing lots of innovation in hardware yet we see nothing in terms of software to warrant it.

I'd rather see them focusing on software instead of increasing the E-Penis effect. The horse is dead and beaten, but my 1 year old A100 Tegra 2 is still just as satisfying in nearly every way and much more versatile. There are also 2 other phones currently available with 2GB of ram as well.

Google has done nothing revolutionary and are just following what the Apple has already accomplished, just at a reduced price. So the innovation is just not there, Apple already beat them to the punch.
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