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Originally Posted by botat29 View Post
8 most often complain about Windows 8

1: difficult to access safe mode. ( I don't even know how to boot in safe mode) - Is it not still F8?
2: impossible to recover from the new "black screen of Death" - Okay.....
3: no media player its now an extra and at a cost!!!! - Then get a free and BETTER player! VLC FTW!!!!!
4: all games etc that used to be included you have to get from the New store. - As long as they are free who cares?
5: no start menu from the desktop. Users will not get used to this, it is ludicrous on a desktop pc.The search all apps just gives you every exe on the machine in no logical order. - Start8
6: Start menu functionality can be restored only by buying third party apps. - True....but for how long?
7: no Aero, ok aero should have been updated but not to the same standard as windows 98. Progress it is a joke! - This I agree with. The new pastel colors look AWFUL.
8: the only way to reinstall and maintain your applications is to use a system restore (which you cant after the black screen of death) or to reimage your disk.
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