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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
Another odd bit: why the hell does Google charge a $100 premium to go from 16GB to 32GB when that same bump is $50 on the Nexus 7?
Because Apple did it. Their pricing is clearly supposed to be $100 less than Apple on all fronts. I would bet that if Apple made a price cut tomorrow Google would follow. Then again that is a ludicrous thought because Apple never makes price cuts, their products are the same price from release to the day the next one comes out.

Originally Posted by BeaverBender View Post
Well, the screen is nothing like the 10.1 so no real comparison. Now that Samsung's non-comp with Apple has run out for the Retina display, I'm sure you will be seeing many of these non-Apple high-res tablets, and of course the same people who were calling people sheep for getting an Apple one six months ago will be oohing and ahhing over all the pixels

No LTE is a deal breaker for me... Just like SSDs and high-res screens, once you've gone LTE, you can't go back.
I went LTE and it doesn't bother me that I am no longer on LTE... Sure it is faster downloading but in general the download speed isn't what holds your phone back unless you are streaming 1080p+ which is suicide for your data plan anyway. Whether I am at 4g or LTE my phone loads web pages at the same speed.

Also on the sheep thing for Apple the extra pixels are nice but you still aren't going to be making much use of them. I am opposed to paying a large premium for things I don't need. Google isn't really charging much of a premium at all. They are competitively priced with many other tablets with lower resolutions therefore this is a good buy and the pixels are a bonus, not a premium. That is the difference for me anyway I don't know about other people but my stance has always been great machine's but over priced. Give me a great mahcine at a more reasonable price and I am happy.

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